As a surgeon, what is the most dangerous thing you have found inside a patient?

I just consulted my girlfriend who is a urologist, and here are the four most spectacular cases. Two cases I knew, but the other two are new.

ONE: The candle man

The patient entered the hospital with an enormous candle in his colon, which he had put in there himself. When he later visited the surgeon who removed the candle in a follow-up consultation, he offered the surgeon a brand new wrapped candle of the very same type as a present.

(And this is not a joke.)

TWO: Weird Woman

Weird Woman entered the ER room on a frequent basis. As a Pica patient

she ate stuff which simply is not edible and even dangerous. Such as knives, forks, spoons, plastic stuff — you name it. On one occasion, she was left alone in an ER room by an inexperienced nurse, and Weird Woman managed to find, and eat, surgical scalpels.

Which had to be surgically removed, of course.

THREE: Cable guy

He probably got a kick out of it, but this patient shoved up plastic cables up into his urethra, which subsequently rolled up and obstructed his urinary bladder. My girlfriend once removed one of these cables which had a length of more than 3 meters !

Needless to day, there’s always room for more.

FOUR: Potato man

You guessed it right: this man entered the ER with a raw potato fully shoved up in his colon. In a very stupid and desperate try to remove the potato, Potato man inserted cocktail sticks in his ass to try to fetch and remove the potato. He badly wounded himself, and ended up with a temporary stoma bag.

To be honest, I was more on par with The candle man.

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