How can I make a girl happy during her period?

Now, here’s the thing.

  1. Girls know they’re not princesses to be showered with sympathy and pity when they’re on their periods.
  2. They’re also aware of the fact that evolution has given them the POWER TO BLEED. Power, compulsion, obligation, role; something they cannot pass up or abstain from. It’s natural and human to bleed.
  3. Despite all this, whenever we actually undergo all that pain and discomfort, both physical and mental one, we cannot help but wish for the people around us to be a little(read a lot) considerate of our condition.
  4. We know we’re not sick, but we feel sick to our stomach. Everything feels so yucky. Gross. Taking a dump is a challenge. Peeing doesn’t feel relieving either. There’s constant pain in our stomach, back, legs, arms, depending on our respective bodies.
  5. It isn’t a war, I’d admit. But it’s certainly more than a scuffle.

We feel happy when somebody attempts to empathize with us. 🤗

We feel happy when somebody attempts to take care of us, helps to relieve our pain, not try to normalize our pain, treat us like second class human beings, mock us when we suffer mood swings, temper problems and a general discomfort and agony for everything around us.

It’s your understanding that makes us happy.


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