What are the steps to getting started with eCommerce?

Most people these days tend to buy products online; it’s much easier and quicker. Therefore, it’s only natural that this activity is growing more interest and desire for people to try it themselves.

Coming up with an idea and proceeding to accomplish it might be difficult without any guidance or too much information, so let me help you. I will cover the fundamentals and most important details you should know to get your online career going.


  1. Coming up with an idea.
  2. Finding products to sell.
  3. Finding a supplier.
  4. Creating a website.
  5. Getting a domain name.
  6. Getting a hosting plan.
  7. Choosing the platform to build your website.
  8. Creating a marketing campaign.

Coming up with an idea.

First things first, it’s important to develop your idea and prepare some marketing models properly. Here are a few examples of questions that you should consider:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the mission and vision of your business?
  • What niche are you focusing on?
  • What are the risks your business may encounter?
  • What impact can political, economic, social, and technological factors may do to your business?

Make sure to answer these questions, and when you are ready to proceed with the next step, your feet will stay firmly on the ground, without wondering what if.

Finding products to sell.

Secondly, find the exact products you want to sell. Make sure they fall into your niche. It’s better to polish and succeed in one category at first before embracing more of them.

The reason behind choosing only one category is that it’s much easier to gain customers if you target only one niche. That way, you can work on polishing and presenting the product in the best possible way.

Presenting a lot of different products is more difficult as you will need to embrace a broader audience, spending a lot more time on marketing.

Finding a supplier.

After finding the products you wish to sell, it’s important to find a supplier. The possibilities are very flexible as you can make the product yourself, find a manufacturer to make them, or even use a dropshipping method and sell items that a manufacturer sends out for you to your customers themselves.

Creating a website.

Once you are finished with the planning process, it’s time to take action. An essential part is a website. If the website’s performance is bad, it is most likely that a visitor will leave. A well-built website with great performance is the key to stability.

Now you might wonder what the process of creating a website is, so let me get that for you as it is quite easy and quick.

Getting a domain name.

First, you should think about a domain name. Try to make it short and catchy, so it’s easy for people to remember your store name. Feel free to read my previous answer about how to create a domain name.

Getting a hosting plan.

You should start creating your website now. One of the popular ways is to get a hosting plan and choose a software that you want to build your website with.

To choose a hosting provider that suits your needs the best, you should consider a few of the important factors:

  • Performance. As loading speed is essential, especially for an e-store, a hosting provider must take initiation to improve website performance as much as possible.
  • Uptime. It’s a crucial factor for an e-store, as every second your website is down can result in lost sales. Your website provider must offer great uptime.
  • Support. Your hosting provider should have a 24/7 Live Chat support that will always be there to help you. It’s a great way to share any obstacles you experience as you can provide all of the examples through screenshots and links.
  • Price. It’s always better to buy a product for a reasonable price and avoid overpaying. In fact, at Hostinger, you can start your career with a hosting plan from as little as $0.99.

    Although remember that the bigger your e-store grows, the more resources it will require. It is most likely you will need to upgrade not once, but a few times.

Choosing the platform to build your website.

I recommend trying a WordPress content management system with a WooCommerce plugin. This option is quite popular and doesn’t require your knowledge of coding.

And, considering the popularity of WordPress, its large community, a variety of templates and tutorials provided, you are sure to have lots of help. Not only that but depending on a hosting provider you choose, they should be helping you out as well.

Creating a marketing campaign.

After you fixed up your website and included the products you want to sell, it’s time to work on marketing. It’s an essential part of attracting visitors, gaining customers and making a profit.

Be sure to engage with the community, be active on social media, and do your best to advertise your products in the most efficient way possible.

Such ways of advertising are different for each niche; therefore, do not be afraid of trying different marketing strategies. Be sure to note all of them down and rate the efficiency of each strategy, so you know what works best for you.

All in all.

These are the fundamental steps and the important details you should know to create an e-store. While it takes a lot of effort, in the end, all of it is worth it. Good luck with starting your online business!

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