What is the best bodyweight workout to hit every muscle in the body?

The Big 3 Basic Bodyweight Moves Are All You Need To Hit Every Muscle

1. Push-ups

Push-ups became the unofficial workout move of quarantine thanks in large part to the fact that they pack a whole lot of bang for your buck. At their core pardon the nerdy fitness pun push-ups are really just moving planks, which means they’ll give you the same benefits as the static version of the move while also hitting your upper body harder. As you become more advanced, you can try different push-up variations that will help fire up even more muscles in your arms and shoulders.

2. Burpees

While you might think you need to step outside for a run or hop on a spin bike to get your daily dose of cardio burpees prove otherwise. Burpees are a full-body exercise that doesn’t require any equipment meaning they’re your gym on the go trainer Kirsty Godso previously told Well+Good. They’re one of the most-used bodyweight exercises and are great for building both strength and cardiovascular endurance. The exercise combines planks push-ups and jump squats and by the end of a single set you’ll be dripping in sweat.

3. Mountain climbers

Another core-burning cardio move trainers can’t get enough of? Mountain climbers aka planks but make ’em cardio. The exercise involves holding a plank while quickly pulling your knees to your chest which spikes your heart rate and forces you to engage your abs. You can slow them down for a lower impact burn or twist them from side to side to fire up your obliques.

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