WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from April 10

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Monday Night RAW. As always, we will have the results up immediately after every match. Refresh this page often to see updated results.

Tonight on WWE Monday Night RAW:

– WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Match: Becky Lynch & Lita (champions) vs Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez

– Cody Rhodes returns

Our live coverage begins at 8PM EST

In the ring, Rey Mysterio said he wanted things to be different with Dominik. Dominik said to keep his name out of his mouth and The Judgment Day is his real family. Rey told Dominik they are using him. Dominik said Bad Bunny makes some good songs, but it was music to his ears when Damian Priest put him through a table last week. Rey said he spoke to Bad Bunny last night and he told Rey he will be back and Dominik and the Judgment Day are going to regret putting their hands on him. Rey challenged Dominik to a rematch right now. Dominik said he doesn’t want to fight his own father, but Finn Balor will. 

Rey Mysterio vs Finn Balor (w/ Dominik Mysterio)

With the referee distracted by Balor, Dominik pulled a chain out of his pants. He went to hit Rey, but Rey blocked it and punched Dominik sending him back to the floor. Rey threw Balor out of the ring and flew through the ropes onto Balor and Dominik. Rey slammed Balor’s head into the announce desk several times and threw him back in the ring. With the referee checking on Balor, Dominik hit Rey with the chain. Balor then went to the top rope and hit the Coup De Grace on Rey and pinned him. 
Winner: Finn Balor

Earlier today, Chad Gable said he has himself and Otis ready for their match against The Usos. Maxxine Dupri interrupted and said Otis looks delicious and Gable looks like a Gremlin. We hear screaming around the corner. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez found Lita on the ground as she had apparently been attacked. Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch showed up with Lynch questioning them insinuating it might be Liv and Raquel who did the attack.

Corey Graves said he reached out to Brock Lesnar for a comment on why he attacked Cody Rhodes last week, but got no response.

Backstage, Lynch said Lita is in a medical facility and has her suspicions who did it. When she finds out for sure she is going to slap the heads off them. Lynch promised the fans a title match and Trish Stratus will take Lita’s place tonight.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Match: 
Becky Lynch & Trish Stratus (champions) vs Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez

Lynch had Morgan in the Disarm-Her, but Rodriguez broke it up. Stratus gave Rodriguez the Stratusfaction. Lynch gave Morgan the Manhandle Slam and Rodriguez broke it up again. Lynch tagged in Trish. Trish went for the Chick Kick on Morgan but Morgan ducked it and rolled Trish up for the pin.

Winners and new WWE Womens’ Tag Team Champions: Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez

After the match, Lynch hugged Trish. Lynch turned around Trish hit her from behind and gave her the Chick Kick.

Backstage, Paul Heyman said Kevin Owens will be going against Solo Sikoa tonight and Sami Zayn and Matt Riddle will not be here due to flight delays. 

Backstage, Trish Stratus was asked why she laid out Becky Lynch, but Trish kept walking and didn’t answer.

Backstage, Bayley told Dakota Kai and IYO SKY that she went to talk to Adam Pearce to get them a tag team title match, but he only wanted to talk about the draft coming up. She let Pearce know they wanted to stick together. Pearce offered her a triple threat match with Piper Niven and Michin tonight and the winner will get a title opportunity against Bianca Belair. When she wins this match, she will have more leverage talking to Pearce to get them a tag title shot. IYO said it should be her or Kai in that match. Bayley said she will talk to Pearce to see if one of them can take her place. 

Bobby Lashley vs Bronson Reed

Reed came off the middle ropes with a body block. Lashley hit Reed with a spinebuster and followed up by putting Reed in the Hurt Lock. Reed dragged himself over to the ropes and both spilled out onto the floor where both men were counted out. They continued to brawl with each other with officials trying to separate them.

In the ring, Cody Rhodes said he lost Roman Reigns at WrestleMania and the blame is on himself. He didn’t correctly calculate the lengths Reigns would go to keep the title, he lost the match, and he’s sorry. Now his unfinished tale has a whole new wrinkle to it. He heard Brock Lesnar was unhappy with his position on the WrestleMania card. He also heard that Lesnar was uncertain about Cody’s hype and change he brings with him and how that would affect him. He would be crazy to not be afraid of Lesnar, but he still wants to fight him. Cody then challenged Lesnar to a match at WrestleMania Backlash.

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) vs The Alpha Academy (Chad Gable & Otis)

Gable had Jimmy in the Ankle Lock, but Jimmy rolled out of it. While Gable was in the process of rolling up Jimmy, Jey made the tag. The Uso gave Gable a double Superkick followed by the 1-D for the pin.
Winners: The Usos

IYO SKY (with Bayley and Dakota Kai) vs Piper Niven vs Michin

Michin threw SKY into Niven who caught her and slammed her. Michin threw a dropkick at Niven. Niven dropped an elbow on SKY. Michin with a Pop Rock on Niven followed by the Eat Defeat. Michin went for the cover on Niven, but SKY came off the top rope with a moonsault on both Niven and Michin. SKY covered Michin for the win. 
Winner: IYO SKY

Backstage, Kevin Owens said his heart is telling him he needs to go out tonight and beat the hell out of Solo Sikoa for what he did to him on Friday night. 

Solo Sikoa (w/ The Usos) vs Kevin Owens

Owens hit a Swanton Bomb off the top rope for a near fall followed by a pop up powerbomb. Sikoa blocked the stunner. Jey hit Owens with a Superkick when Jimmy got on the ring apron to distract the referee. Sikoa hit Owens with a kick followed by the Samoan Spike for the win. 

Winner: Solo Sikoa 

After the match, The Usos continued to kick and stomp on Owens after the match. Riddle and Zayn arrived and ran to the ring. Riddle and Zayn fought The Usos through the ring entrance area. Riddle and Zayn went into the ring and clotheslined Owens out of the ring. Jey got back in the ring and was hit by an Exploder by Zayn. Zayn was getting ready to give Jey a Helluva kick, but Jimmy ran in. Zayn blocked Jimmy’s Superkick, spun him around, and Owens gave him a Stunner. Zayn again went for the Helluva Kick on Jey, but Solo pulled him out of the ring. 

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